Kamis, Juli 24, 2003

Wanted: A Women To Play In Serie A For Perugia

07/23/2003. Controversial Perugia president Luciano Gaucci is searching for a women to play for his team in Serie A.

"Within six months we'll have a woman playing in Perugia's red strip," news agency Ansa quoted him as saying. "I'm convinced that Perugia can become the first club on the planet to play a woman with men in the first division."

He continued: "I'd be astonished if anyone kicked up a fuss. Firstly because it's not forbidden in the rules, which only mention men playing in women's teams.

"Secondly women have the same rights as men, which should be respected on the football field as in all walks of life." soccerage.com

Ada-ada aja nih... mentang-mentang persamaan hak, cewek juga mo tampil di serie A gabung ama team cowok! Walah! Kacao! Sepakbola tuh ada body cotactnya lo... Ntar pemain-pemain cowok malah ngga berani nyenggol pemain cewek. Ha ha ha.... Asli dah kaco kaco kacooo......! Ngga sekalian aja petinju cewek vs petinju cowok?

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